Blackjack Strategy

Play free Blackjack NOW! To avoid any possible confusion, it's important to know that there is more than one blackjack strategy that works well in a casino environment as well as online. Some strategies incorporate card counting while others base their charts solely on what cards your and the dealer's hands consist of. When playing blackjack online, feel free to use this our resources to better your play.

Deciding on which blackjack strategy is more suited and which would be most profitable is based on the specifics of the game you're playing such as how many decks are being used or what rules the dealer has to abide by (stand on all 17s or hit on soft 17s). In the case where the dealer must hit on soft 17s, the player faces a slightly higher house edge; in order to accommodate the increased odds against him or her, the basic strategy has to be altered a little taking the change into consideration.

When is comes to any kind of strategy, the ability to differentiate between the probability of something happening and it actually happening is essential. Always remember that however low the house edge is, unless it is below zero it's still against you. So, although a house edge of just less than 1% in blackjack is good (as a matter of fact, it's the best in the casino), it doesn't guarantee that you will win, which brings me to my next points.

Part of a good blackjack strategy is money management, which is all too often overseen. You can win a lot of money playing blackjack if you know how to do it right, but you can also lose it all in an instant. This is where managing your bankroll comes in. If you find your self on a winning streak, know when to walk away - with your money. Often, blackjack players make the mistake of sticking around too long - long enough to lose everything they've won and brought with them. Being able to spend your bankroll so as to extend your time at the table and knowing when it's time to quit are the essential components of a good strategy.

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