Blackjack Supplies

You may just be looking to buy your own blackjack equipment. You can go all the way and get yourself a blackjack table, or you may be just satisfied with a piece of blackjack felt (personally I think that's the better choice of the two - you can take the felt anywhere with you). You'll also need a deck of cards, some chips and you're all set to go.

Blackjack Chips
The chips come in different colours, each representing a certain amount of money. Using chips instead of money allows for a much faster and cleaner play. The dealer doesn't have to worry about counting the cash that's on the table. All he or she does is measure the stack. Also, if using money at blackjack tables was possible, devices to detect counterfeit bills would have to be installed other than just the cashier station.

Blackjack Cards
Because of the deck replacement rules, the casino is an excellent bargain if you're looking for a set of blackjack cards. They're sold at a reduced price because they have been used, even though they look brand new. More...

Blackjack Tables
Although the layout on blackjack tables is pretty much the same fro all, the way the tables are built and their size vary. You can find many good deals online and you're sure to find what you're looking for. More...

If you're looking to buy blackjack supplies, here are some good spots on the net:

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