Casino Blackjack

Play free Blackjack NOW! When we compare land-based casinos to those online, there are a number of significant differences that play a part in the overall experience - some less important than others. When comparing the two at first, it is usually presumed that casino blackjack is more entertaining while the online version is rather dull and unexciting. The truth is, however, that unless you have played both types of blackjack, you won't know or understand the real difference.

Playing casino blackjack, especially at the fancier ones, gives a person an entirely different feeling - one of belonging and fitting in. Being among the exciting crows of people and having drinks served by attractive waiters and waitresses are two of the many reasons why casinos are so appealing. You are more than just a visitor - you're someone special! And why shouldn't you be? After all, you are the person who the casino wishes to make their money off of. Of course, we know that having read the rules, tips and strategy pages at, they won't be able to take a whole lot from you. Right?

There is also another advantage that land-based casinos have over those online and that is the little perks. Many gamblers have gotten free trips, complimentary drinks and free hotel rooms just because they're regulars. Of course, this is only possible if done the right way. Being a casino blackjack player, you come across as a more sophisticated gambler to the casino personnel, more so that a regular slot machine player. Often, sophistication goes hand-in-hand with high stakes, especially in this type of industry. If you're a high roller, allow yourself to be noticed by dealers and managers in particular. Once the casino notices this type of individual, they try to cater to their every demand in the hope of bringing them back in the future.

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